Cali High's Top 25: #7 Todd Barr

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Todd Barr




Cali High Sports is coming out with the best and most accurate list of the top Cali players for each sport. We start with football in which an unusually deep California class has immense talent at seemingly every position.



We continue our countdown to number 1 with Lakewood defensive tackle Todd Barr. Todd is one of a few extremely talented defensive lineman in California who are all among the best in the country, not just the state. 



#7 Todd Barr


School: Lakewood High School

Position: Defensive Tackle

Height: 6'1

Weight: 260

Schools Considering: USC, UCLA, Florida, Miami, Cal, Oregon

NFL Comparison: Amobi Okoye


The Class of 2011 is loaded with remarkably talented defensive lineman and most of these defensive lineman hail from California. Even in a class of such talented lineman Todd Barr stands out. Todd comes in at an impressive 7th in our rankings and could rise even higher as the year progresses and is definitely a top 75 player in the country.


At 6'1 and 260 pounds Barr is the perfect size for a high school tackle. He is even stronger then those 260 pounds would indicate and has unbelievable quickness and agility for a guy of his size. He has all the strength of dominant tackle yet the speed of an outside linebacker. 


Barr is an incredibly sound fundamentally. He does a great job of squaring his shoulders and getting in perfect position before the ball is snapped and has a tremendous burst off the ball. He gets so low and is so balanced that he gets all his power and momentum behind him and steamrolls over his man trying to block him. Barr is excellent at determining in game what his man's weaknesses are and using different methods to exploit them.


If his man is undersized Barr will attack him face on, overpowering him and using his arms to literally shove his guy aside. If Todd is matched up against a clearly slower man he uses his lateral quickness and agility to get around his man and has a great swim move. Even when Todd can't get into the backfield to disrupt a run he does a great job moving off his block and bringing a back down, preventing him from getting to the second level. 


Once Barr blows by his man he shows an incredible awareness and second burst to either sack the quarterback or bring down the runner. Barr never gives up on a play and if a guy is able to allude his grasp will continue going after him and often ends up making the tackle anyway. He is a very sure handed tackler and an extremely hard hitter.


Todd has also seen time at defensive end for Lakewood where, predictably, he has also dominated.


The next level?: Barr has a long list of high profile suitors after his talents and at this point can't make a bad pick. He will likely make a permanent move to defensive end in college but could stay at defensive tackle if he adds 20-30 more pounds. 


Whatever school and position Barr plays he is likely to succeed. He is a guy who could see time as a freshman and definitely as the potential to be a full time starter by his sophomore year. Barr is a guy who can disrupt the offense on every play even if he doesn't record a sack or a tackle. He always seems to be involved somehow in the play and is so extremely active.


Todd will definitely be an all defensive team selection and could be an All-American by the time everything is said and done.


Cali High Grade: 94



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