Cali High's Top 15: #4 Bryce Treggs

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Bryce Treggs



With the 2010 high school season football coming to a close it's time to look ahead to the Class of 2012. Cali High Sports is the first site to come out with its list of the top players for 2012 as we unveil our Cali High's Top 15 which will be re-evaluated and expanded to a top 25 over the spring and summer. For a look at our 2011 rankings, click here.



We continue our countdown to #1 with Saint John Bosco wide receiver Bryce Treggs, an explosive wide receiver who has all the tools to be one of the best wide outs in California high school history.




#4 Bryce Treggs


School: St. John Bosco

Position: Wide Receiver

Height: 5’11

Weight: 175

Schools Considering: Cal, Notre Dame, UCLA, Stanford, Arizona State

NFL Comparison: Santana Moss



One of the first things that stands out about Bryce Treggs is his natural athletic ability. He makes difficult plays look effortless and is one of those guys that seems like he was born to play football. Bryce has incredible speed and a shockingly quick initial burst that allows him to burn defenders off the snap.



He has elite level jumping ability that allows him to make acrobatic catches and he can really hang in the air for a while. He has surprising strength and can beat up on corners who think they can jam him on the line of scrimmage. However while Bryce has all the natural physical tools, thanks to great coaching and a football playing father he has extremely sound fundamentals too.



Bryce is a great route runner and does an excellent job finding space in the open field. His incredibly quick first step usually allows him to get an advantage on his guys off the line of scrimmage and then his speed and agility make it incredibly hard for guys to play catch up. He has great footwork and gets further separation while running his routes and is great at finding open spots on the field. He gets in and out of cuts so quickly and cuts so hard that it's hard to guess what route he is running adding yet another difficult element to covering him. 


When he gets the ball Bryce becomes one of the most explosive playmakers in the country. His speed combined with jaw dropping agility and ridiculous lateral quickness make him extremely effective out of the slot and on screens and hitches. He is a very elusive open field runner and knows how to keep his pad level low to avoid getting brought down. He knifes through defensive backs and will burn anybody who doesn’t take the right angle on him. 


Bryce is a developing deep threat who’s straight line speed allows him to be effective on the outside. In high school he can simply run by guys and on streaks he is adept at getting separation at the last minute.


Bryce Treggs is a well developed wide receiver who stands out because of his big play ability. He already has offers from both All-American games for next year and should see even more interest from colleges pour in.



The next level?: Bryce’s father Brian is known as one of the best players in Cal football history, making Bryce a natural fit for the Golden Bears. However Cal wasn’t one of the first schools to offer him and while Bryce has shown interest in the Golden Bears he also really seems to like Notre Dame.



Bryce is waiting out his recruiting process and isn’t about to commit anywhere just yet and will likely wait to take some of his official visits first. Wherever he does go, he could see immediate time on special teams or in the slot. Bryce has all the tools to be a Dasean Jackson like return man on special teams and his playmaking ability is going to translate well at the next level.




Cali High Grade: 95



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