Multi dimensional Jacobs leads Arroyo Grande

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Seth Jacobs


Seth Jacobs is a football player. I say that, only because I don’t know what else to write. Last year Jacobs saw significant time as a quarterback, wide receiver, running back, free safety, strong safety, and outside linebacker. Defensively, Jacobs was a ball-hawk, collecting 81 tackles, 4 sacks, and three interceptions. On offense, he threw for 3 touchdowns, ran for 6, and hauled in 2 more.



It is hard to classify Jacobs as one player, because he has the statistics of 6. He tackles like a linebacker, plays the ball like a defensive back, and can score in every way imaginable. “My versatility definitely helps me as a football player,” Jacobs said. “I think of myself as an athlete first, and you know when I was younger, everyone played every position. As an 8th grader, my goal was to start on varsity as a freshmen, and I knew that I’d have to be able to contribute in a lot of different ways. Now that I’ve established myself as a good athlete, I know that the more ways I can help the team the more success we’re going to have.”



When Jacobs first arrived at Arroyo Grande, success and football did not belong in the same sentence. The team stumbled to a 2-6 record, getting blown out by scores of 35-6, 30-0, 34-0. “It was really tough,” Jacobs said. “We didn’t have a lot of talent, but we also didn’t have a lot of drive. Kids would blow off weight lifting sessions, coast through practice, we just didn’t have a winning mentality. We decides as a team, and a lot of the credit belongs to our coaching staff as well, that if we were going to play football, we were going to play it the right way. We’ve done a complete 180. If you saw us play this past season, you wouldn’t have been blown away by our collective talent, but you’d say wow, that team plays hard.”




Arroyo Grande made a memorable run through the playoffs, and after squeezing in as a wild card, knocked off Rio mesa, Dominguez, and Chaminade, before falling to Serra in the southern section Division 3 championship game. “It was a great season, and it was a great run,” Jacobs said. “A lot of these gu ys knew that this was their last chance to play football, and they just didn’t want it to end. Arroyo Grande will never be considered a football powerhouse in California, but we’ve put ourselves on the map.”




With most of their top talent returning, and a Serra juggernaut that won back-to back champions losing the core of their team to college, Arroyo Grande will have a chance to do something that would have been considered impossible just 4 years ago. When asked about the Eagle’s shot at winning a championship in his final season, Jacobs refused to speculate. “I’m not going to say anything other than we have a lot of good players coming back, and we’re ready and hungry to win. We’ll see what happens.”



Championship or not, Jacobs will have his pick of colleges when the time comes. He currently holds 12 offers, several from Pac-12 and SEC schools, but is in no rush to make a decision. “It’s a special process, and having the chance to see so many great school as been incredible. But right now I want to focus on my senior season, and when that’s over, I’ll sit down with my family and coaches and we’ll start narrowing it down and figuring out which schools present the best opportunity for me as a student and a football player. I plan on announcing on national signing say.”



Even then though, their will still be one final question that needs to be answered. Safety? Running-back? Linebacker? Quarterback?






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