Cali High's Top 25: #21 Stefan McClure

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Stefan McClure



Cali High Sports is coming out with the best and most accurate list of the top Cali players for each sport. We start with football in which an unusually deep California class has immense talent at seemingly every position.


We continue our countdown to number 1 with Vista cornerback Stefan McClure. McClure is one of those guys who can simply just play football and will be a hot recruiting commodity amongst Pac-10 schools.


#21 Stefan McClure


School: Vista

Position: Cornerback/Wide Receiver (better as a CB)

Height: 5’10

Weight: 175 pounds

Schools Considering: UCLA, Washington, Colorado


In high school, you often see guys with all the tools but none of the actual football skills that make a player great. For example, a guy may be a physical specimen but rarely makes plays on the field. Or maybe a guy is incredibly gifted athletically but shies away from contact, doesn’t run crisp routes, doesn’t know his coverage. Stefan McClure not only has the physical gifts of a great high school player, he has some of the best instincts and football savvy of any player in Cali.


McClure plays both sides of the ball as a wide receiver and cornerback. Cornerback is definitely McClure’s strongest position but he isn’t too shabby of a wideout either.


As a wideout McClure is adept at finding space in the defense and then making plays once the ball is in his hands. He is extremely quick out of cuts and has breakaway speed. He goes for the home-run play a little often but everytime he has the ball he is a threat to bust through the defense for a touchdown.


As a corner, McClure can lockdown his man on almost every play. He has incredible instincts and is very quick to respond to what a receiver is doing. Guys going against him have lots of trouble finding space and almost never beat him deep. His incredible instincts have also made him a very good tackler. He breaks hard at the ball and makes a shocking of tackles at the line of scrimmage, especially when you consider the fact he’s a cornerback. McClure’s big play ability from the offensive end transfers over to the defensive end where he goes into playmaker mood if he gets an interception or recovers a fumble.


The next level?: McClure definitely grades out to be a solid Pac-10 recruit. McClure has the height and his speed, leaping ability, instincts, etc will only improve the more he plays and especially when he goes to college and is being trained by elite coaches. The biggest knock on McClure heading to the next level is his slight frame but he’ll add plenty of strength and weight.


You can show a guy how to get bigger, but you can’t teach the natural ability and instincts that a guy like McClure already possesses.


Look for him to have a monster year for Vista and go to a major Pac 10 power.



Cali High Grade: 85



 report by Jack Davis




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