Cali High's Top 25: #17 Antoine Arnold

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Antoine Arnold Wide Receiver



Cali High Sports is coming out with the best and most accurate list of the top Cali players for each sport. We start with football in which an unusually deep California class has immense talent at seemingly every position.


We continue our countdown to number 1 with Chaparral wide out Antoine Arnold. Antoine is a big, explosive receiver and is as talented as they come. He's posted big numbers two consecutive years and already has a CIF title under his belt but he is looking for more heading into his senior season. 


#18 Antoine Arnold


School: Chaparral

Position: Wide Receiver

Height: 6'3

Weight: 180 pounds

Schools Considering: Cal, Washington, Oregon, Fresno State

NFL Comparison: DeMaryius Thomas


Antoine Arnold looks like an NFL wide receiver out on the field. Physically he looks like a man amongst boys at times on the field. Sometimes he shows such incredible athletic ability you have to remind yourself your watching a 17 year old kid. Skill wise he is almost at the level of a college wide out.


Arnold is one of the more gifted players in the country and with more seasoning and a increased focus in the weight room he could vault into the national recruiting spotlight as the year goes on. 


Arnold's already put up the numbers. As a junior at Chaparral he caught 79 passes for for 1,536 yards and 17 touchdowns, extremely impressive numbers at the high school level. He even saw some time at half back and got lots of looks coming out of the backfield on reverses. He was able to put up great numbers as a runner too, accumulating 131 yards and a touchdown. 


At 6'3 Antoine has the height necessary to be a dominant college wideout and towers over cornerbacks in high school. At 180 pounds he is still a bit wiry considering his height but over time as his body matures he will fill out. He is already a plus when it comes to strength and physicality at this level but if he can just add 5-10 pounds of muscle heading into this season he will give himself the opportunity to physically dominate his man every game.


Antoine has great speed and gets into his routes extremely well. He has quick feet and solid footwork that allow him to get separation from his man without having to use his body. In the open field he is very dangerous and does a great job of dodging tacklers. Antoine is adept at changing directions and is able to do a good job keeping his man off balance.


He has soft hands and doesn't drop many balls and uses his long arms to get great extension. Right now Antoine is best a deep threat but should try and go over the middle more to make defensive backs respect that part of his game, thus not allowing them to play him 10 yards off the line of scrimmage.


The next level?: Antoine already has offers from big time Cal, Washington, Nebraska, Oregon and Fresno State but should expect the offers he gets to jump greatly as the year goes on. If Antoine is able to bulk up and improve his already stellar athletic ability over the summer he can make the leap from a 'very good' prospect to an 'elite' prospect. 


Expect Antoine to slowly reel in big offers from BCS schools like USC, UCLA, Oklahoma, Miami as the year goes on. This kid is going to have a big year.


Cali High Grade: 88



report by Jack Davis




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